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Tick-borne encephalitis vaccination vaccination schedule

areas encephalitis

Tick-borne encephalitis vaccine: vaccination schedule

How is the virus transmitted, to whom is vaccination against tick-borne encephalitis indicated, vaccination schedule, contraindications, possible complications. Varieties of vaccines. Reviews.

Encephalitis vaccine is given to adults and children. Who needs vaccination in the first place? We will tell further.

The most unfavorable areas for encephalitis are Siberia and the Far East. But recently, ticks have come to a person quite close in other areas.

In theory, any kind of tick can transmit encephalitis (there are more than 50,000 species), but then the tick should bite a sick animal.

Obviously, if the encephalitis virus is more common in the Far East, then vaccination is not necessary for people in northern latitudes. Since it is precisely encephalitis ticks in nature that does not exist.

What citizens are planned for immunization??

People living in areas disadvantaged by tick-borne encephalitis;

Citizens, for life's reasons, going to work, to rest in the area where outbreaks of the disease are recorded;

Employees of laboratories, sanitary and epidemiological stations working with biological material that contains the virus.

The remaining category of citizens does not need compulsory vaccination. You can get vaccinated in the district clinic - here they will give an injection for free according to indications.

Anyone can make a paid vaccination in a medical clinic that has a permit and certificate for this activity. The cost of vaccination on a paid basis in different clinics will vary. The average price is from 500 to 3000 rubles. Where to put, which medical institution to choose, everyone decides for himself.

Immunization schedule How many vaccinations do you need to get a strong immunity to the disease? When to bet better?

It is necessary to be vaccinated twice:

The first time is best done in the fall in order to prepare for the spring-summer season;

The second - for 1-3 months, reporting on the first vaccination.

According to doctors, such a vaccination schedule is enough to develop persistent protective forces against the disease for one season. Subsequent revaccination is carried out after 9-12 months. In this case, immunity is developed for 3 years. In the future, adults should be vaccinated every 3-5 years to maintain antibody activity..

There is an emergency vaccination schedule. It is necessary to do the second time after 2 weeks, and then the third after 3 months. In this case, the vaccination lasts 1 year, revaccination is needed annually.

Principles and questions: Where do they put an injection against encephalitis? There are a variety of vaccines, domestic and imported. Depending on the composition, it is injected subcutaneously under the scapula or into the deltoid muscle of the shoulder. The timing of vaccination can not be rescheduled.

Is vaccination always needed if work is related to the office? Not necessary. But when it is connected with natural conditions (forester, huntsman, builder of railways among forests, logger, geologist), it is necessary to undergo immunization on an emergency basis.

How to prepare? Are there any specific rules? Can I drink alcohol before vaccination? There are no specific specific training rules. Its enough for a doctor to examine you. If there is any suspicion, he should refer the person for examination..

adverse reactions

If you consumed alcohol the day before, it will not affect the formation of antibodies. But drinking alcohol afterwards can cause an undesirable reaction to vaccination and side effects. In this situation, vaccination is especially difficult to tolerate, since alcohol significantly reduces immunity, it will be harder for your body.

Contraindications Previously, we examined that immunization is indicated in two cases: emergency and planned prophylaxis of encephalitis in epidemically disadvantaged areas. But vaccination contraindications are much more.

Under what conditions can not be vaccinated?

Intolerance to the ingredients included in the composition - it is clear that a person does not always know whether he tolerates the vaccine substance or not;

If the first time there was an unexpected reaction to it, the second is not recommended. Is it allergic? Better not necessary, the reaction after vaccination may be unforeseen;

Vaccination is carried out with a weakened live vaccine - conditions when immunity is lowered, the body is weakened by acute infections, chronic diseases, are contraindications;

During pregnancy and breastfeeding, you should protect yourself in other ways;

Elderly age is a contraindication for all vaccinations, although sometimes they make and urge to do (for example, from flu and tetanus);

Some vaccines have specific contraindications - you can not do it for people who are allergic to protein, for example, chicken.

Should children be vaccinated? For each specific drug, a minimum age is determined from which it is allowed to vaccinate a child. At what age do they usually do? I guess the first injection against encephalitis will be offered to parents most likely when the baby is 4 years old. Some vaccines are allowed from 3 years old and earlier..

Side effects and complications Usually vaccination is not well tolerated if certain rules are followed. It is in this word if that lies the whole root of the problem. The vaccine must be properly stored, transportation conditions, temperature, humidity, shelf life and the like are observed..

Freezing and overheating reduces immunogenicity causing negative reactions. Given the many problems of our medicine, there are reasons to not trust and beware.

The response to vaccination in adults is different from that in children. Complications are common and local.

Locally, slight redness may appear in the injection area, infiltration is rarely formed, compaction takes place independently after a week. When you feel local pain after an injection, make an iodine grid on the sore spot.

Temperature after vaccination - the numbers rise by one and a half degrees, but not always. This is a general reaction of the body to vaccination, is considered normal;

The temperature in a child or an elderly person can rise to higher numbers, because the babys immunity has not yet fully formed, and in old age we gain reduced immunity over time;

Common reactions include weakness, general malaise, headache, sore joints, muscles. The condition resembles the onset of a viral infection, with a strong reaction, a doctor's consultation is needed;

Allergic reactions include a local rash, urticaria, but we must not forget that anaphylactic shock is possible.

Other adverse reactions: suppuration of the injection site, convulsions, in children and the elderly, the temperature may be too high and persist for a long time. These reactions occur in the following cases: the drug was administered incorrectly or an expired vaccine was used if storage periods were not respected.

Is it necessary to vaccinate a child

tick-borne encephalitis

I specifically singled out this question in a separate chapter. I will express my opinion, and you decide whether to agree with him or not.

If your child is forced to be vaccinated against tick-borne encephalitis, there is always the opportunity to write down a vaccination. When you do not live in a danger zone, the child does not have to do it. Consider the pros and cons. How to correctly write down the refusal of vaccinations - read the article that a lawyer specially prepared for us based on legislation and human rights. There you will find and download forms.

Knowing how tick-borne encephalitis is transmitted, compare risks. Walking with a child in a stroller on an asphalt surface, it is unlikely that he will pick up a tick with encephalitis. They do not fall from trees, but live only in the grass.

Be sure to discuss with your doctor the presence of possible contraindications. I described only general conditions, in fact, there are much more contraindications.

Epilepsy, diabetes, tuberculosis, hepatitis, blood diseases, kidney infections, malignant tumors, blood diseases, blood vessels, heart ... The list goes on and on. Vaccination is allowed only to a completely healthy person!

Briefly about reviews I studied the reviews of people living in disadvantaged areas on encephalitis. They are skeptical about vaccinations. This category of citizens has many other ways to combat insects..

The most important thing is to detect the tick in time. When walking through the forest you need to be properly dressed. You should choose clothes in bright colors, it is easy to notice and remove the tick on it right in the forest. Optimally, let there be a Bologna tissue, for which the tick is difficult to catch.

An interesting review was written by an elderly man from Siberia. He described that ticks have always been in their area, but boys have been accustomed from childhood to examine themselves in the forest and at home. In their village, people know that you cant enter the forest with bare legs and short sleeves, as well as without a headdress.

It is up to you to decide whether to vaccinate or to better comply with all the rules for visiting forest and parklands. Moreover, it does not give one hundred percent protection against encephalitis, especially when the timing of vaccination and revaccination is violated.

Types of tick-borne encephalitis vaccines What vaccines for encephalitis exist? Which one is preferable? According to indications, a free vaccination in the clinic will be made a domestic drug. They are cheaper and no border crossing license is required..

If you are going to be vaccinated in a paid clinic, you should familiarize yourself with the types of existing vaccines:

The Russian vaccine Encevir is well tolerated by patients, but it is not recommended for children. According to the latest data, this drug is allowed to drive from the age of 17 years;

The Russian drug Encevir Neo is intended for children from 3 years old;

German FSME Immun and Austrian Ensepur - it is believed that they give fewer complications, the annotation to the drug allows use in children from 1 year.

Which vaccine is better? Choose according to circumstances. Doctors say that foreign vaccines have a much greater degree of purification. In some, the drug is in a disposable syringe. Convenience is obvious, but you have to pay a tidy sum, which not everyone can afford. When the financial issue plays an important role - it is worth choosing domestic drugs.

After vaccination What questions do you still have? People often ask: is it possible to wet the injection site and wash?

Modern drugs for vaccination are relatively safe. This means that wetting the injection site and washing after vaccination is allowed. But rubbing with a washcloth the place where the drug was administered is impossible. Combing the injection site with your hands is also not worth it..

They also ask such questions: is it allowed to walk and play sports? Walking in the fresh air is necessary, especially when vaccinating a baby with no adverse reactions and temperature. But sports should be postponed for a while so as not to subject the body to additional stress.

Conclusion You need a vaccine against tick-borne encephalitis or not, you decide. You can take out a tick bite insurance. Consider possible risks and contraindications. Knowing how the virus is transmitted, take preventative measures. Dress for a walk in the forest correctly, be sure to boil the milk of pets, well-fry the meat. On this I say goodbye to you. Write your reviews and comments..

article author: paramedic with extensive experience over 30 years

Kritskalyuk Natalya Mikhailovna

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