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The value of moles on the face of men and women scheme with a photo

face women

The value of moles on the face in men and women: a scheme with a photo

What is the significance of moles on the face of women and men. Definition Scheme. Influence of birthmarks on the character of a person and his fate. A detailed description of the value of the nevi depending on their location.

How to get to know a potential groom when he is ready to get married? Very simple - take a closer look at the face of the chosen one.

Moles tell me when he gets married:

The presence of a mole above the right eyebrow - in front of you is a potential family man seeking to get married as early as possible;

The birthmark above the left carries the opposite message - you met an avid bachelor who does not see himself as the head of the family, is not ready to take responsibility for a woman and for children.

Jealousy calculated by nevus near the left eye. A similar sign near the right eye is a sign of an ideal husband. Birthmark on the eyelid - a sign of an extraordinary mind, ingenuity.

We continue to consider the photo of a loved one, the presence of marks on:

On the left side of the forehead testifies to the breadth of the soul on the verge of squandering, inability to control their thoughts and actions;

In the middle - gives out the born Casanova;

The bridge of the nose, between the eyebrows - a man with psychic abilities, tormented by frequent bouts of headache.

Pay attention to the nose of your companion. The presence of a mole is a sign of a sociable guy, disputes with which cannot be avoided, which means building harmonious relations will not be easy.

Please note that in China, we were very serious and attentive to the study of the location of moles on the face. As a result of all the studies, the Chinese made up a map of the birthmarks on the face of not only men but also women. Thus, two cards were obtained that determine the nature and fate of a person. Take a look at the pictures below:

Its unlikely that there will be a girl who has never thought about the meaning of moles on her face. The interpretation of such signs is somewhat different from the nevus in men. Therefore, I propose to consider this issue in more detail..

face women

So, if you have a mark between the eyebrows, you are prone to mysticism, you can predict the future. You may have prophetic dreams. In any case, few people manage to hold such a woman.

Cute spots on the cheeks are a sign of a jealous, hot-tempered girl. Her mood changes like spring weather. A scandal out of nothing is about her. But the moments of reconciliation with such a lady will become unforgettable.

The fly over the lip, which actresses love to draw, testifies to a passionate and loving nature. Women are not shy to show their feelings, and their chosen one will feel like the most beloved and desired man in the world.

Interesting fact! All the secrets of female moles are not revealed today. From time to time, new interpretations of these signs of the female body appear..

As promised above, I propose to look at the Chinese diagram of the values of the location of moles on the face of women:

The location of moles and their interpretation according to modern standards We consider the value of the marks on the face, depending on their location. It is convenient to examine moles in a photo or in a mirror using the following scheme: starting from the upper part of the face to the chin.

Upper face: Moles on the forehead are not uncommon. Their meaning depends on the location:

Intellectuals mark over the eyebrow and nose bridge. Such people often realize themselves as politicians, officials;

Charismatic leaders who can change history have birthmarks on the right. It is also a symbol of idealism and stubbornness;

Left - in people who are soft, weak.

Eyebrows are the next location of birthmarks. If the mark is located:

On the bridge of the nose - this indicates creativity, adventurism, love of travel and adventure;

In the form of a third eye - this is a sign of intuition, mysticism, extrasensory abilities.

location moles

Above left eyebrow - speaks of high requirements for the prospective chosen one (chosen one), a tendency to walk, and a low probability of a happy family life. Above the right eyebrow - an indicator of the ability to build a long, harmonious relationship with the opposite sex, an early, successful marriage, loyalty to a partner.

Fortune-tellers (right) and sentimental persons (left) are marked with dots near the temples. Both those and others have the ability to see "prophetic" dreams, which, despite their natural absent-mindedness, are remembered for a long time, in great detail.

Idealists who are ready to devote their lives to the struggle for a bright future, eloquent speakers and recognized leaders have birthmarks on the cheekbones and cheeks. But on the other hand, the mark near the corner of the eye indicates the complaisant, calm nature and modesty of its owner.

Bouncers, reckless revelers are marked by a mole near the ear. Their worldview often goes beyond that recognized by society. But the appearance of a nevus in the auricle can be a signal of a malfunction in the central nervous system (central nervous system) or gastrointestinal tract (gastrointestinal tract).


The happiest people have many moles on their right cheek. They are arranged in the form of a triangle, which means - the marriage will be happy and love and wealth will always reign in the family.

But the mark on the left side of the face may indicate obstacles that a person will overcome throughout his life. Such marks are characteristic of talented people, and talent is revealed at a young age.

Women marked with a mole on their left cheek have mercy and tend to sacrifice their interests for others.

Nevus on the nose indicates the cheerfulness, sociability, as well as the luck of its owner. People are distinguished by a light character and sense of humor. They know how to keep other people's secrets, and their advice should not be neglected.

Moles near the corners of the mouth are characteristic of sensual natures with a positive outlook on life, have a refined taste and good manners. The mark on the lip itself is evidence of weakness, a tendency to drunkenness, and smoking.

Located moles on the tongue promise a talkative person, increased suspicion, and maybe even health problems.

Lower face

Marks near the chin are motivated by individuals who are prone to despotism, power, aggressiveness. Typically, such people manage to build their own business. They reach unprecedented heights, are good managers, but often go too far without noticing the problems of other people.

Moles located below the jaw say that you should be more careful about your own health.

Studying facial signs is an interesting lesson, but do not forget that moles only lay the foundation of personality. And the responsibility for all the successes or failures lies with the person himself. Fate depends only on his actions.

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