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The benefits of swimming in the pool for women, men and children

benefits swimming pool

The benefits of swimming in the pool for women, men and children

What is the use of swimming in the pool, for weight loss, spine, figure, children, babies, what you need to remember and to whom the pool is contraindicated.

For the spine, Water has a higher density than air - it supports the body well. Water training reduces the load on the spinal column, small and large joints: the spine in the water stretches, and the joints relax. Using swimming can get rid of many problems with the spine..

How to swim, so that the maximum benefit for the back? There are general recommendations for this:

When a person experiences discomfort and pain in the spine, a butterfly stroke style is not recommended. This method is the most difficult, with it sharp movements are made. Untrained or injured back muscles can sometimes not cope with a high load, and tremors and bouncing out of the water can cause an exacerbation;

On the contrary, with a healthy back for the prevention of vertebral diseases, attention should be paid specifically to butterfly stroke. With this method, all the spinal muscles act, the spine makes wave-like movements, the body jumps rhythmically up and down. As a result of such training, all muscle groups work;

Victims have problems with posture, you need to learn how to swim breaststroke. Smooth movements reduce the load on the spine, intervertebral ligaments, muscles relax. The style is indicated for scoliosis;

Swimming on the back also gives rest to the spine, contributing to its straightening. The method is shown as general strengthening, increasing tone, relieving nervous tension;

The way to crawl and the beach option is well combined with any type of movement.

swimming pool

A swimmer in water is in a weightless state, the entire musculoskeletal framework is unloaded. Thus, motor functions in the spine, resulting from trauma or illness, are restored. Complications are also prevented and diseases of the entire muscle-joint mechanism are prevented..

For a figure Swimming training helps to strengthen muscles, since skeletal muscles are actively moving. The load is distributed evenly and moderately, creating favorable conditions for muscle work. Thus, the skin is tightened, its elasticity, firmness increases. Among other things, the color of the skin improves, smoothness increases.

Correcting the silhouette with the help of water procedures is considered a very useful activity. There is a special set of exercises. Water produces a kind of body massage, while the muscles of the legs, abdomen, chest, buttocks are tightened.

The benefits of swimming for children Regular swimming workouts have an undeniable benefit for children. This is a simple and enjoyable type of exercise that your son or daughter can learn from a very young age, even when the child is reluctant to do other physical exercises on a hard surface..

It is difficult to underestimate the importance of swimming for preschoolers at the stage of formation of the musculoskeletal system. The aquatic environment does not exert a static load on the skeletal muscles, the spine. Tension is evenly distributed across all muscles, which contributes to the formation of proper posture.

A child who has already received scoliosis should also regularly visit the pool to straighten his back. In addition, water procedures strengthen the immunity of the child, help to harden the body.

Often ill children pediatricians recommend swimming. Constant training reduces the risk of catching a cold, the body fights all infections more easily.

Swimming infants The benefit of infants swimming mom will notice very quickly, this is evidenced by the reviews of young mothers. When children regularly engage in water procedures even during breastfeeding, babies quickly learn. So their body is strengthened, because floating babies do not get colds at all.

Their back is well developed, the muscles of the arms and legs are strengthened, the tummy is tightened. Children begin to crawl, stand, walk before their peers. Coordination of movements and fine motor skills developed in an artificial pond help to improve health.

swimming pool

Things to keep in mind: Swimming does not harm children, just remember about the negative aspects that arise when visiting a public place.

Water in the pool according to Rospotrebnadzor standards is necessarily chlorinated. In case of intolerance or an allergic reaction to chlorinated water, the pool is prohibited for children. Other children should limit their time, and after class, take an fresh shower with soap and a washcloth..

Some parents are afraid of infections. In the water itself, chlorine kills any viruses and bacteria. The danger is the handrails, the sides of the pool. If you limit contact with them and take other precautions, the risk of infection is reduced to zero.

Personal experience I want to tell you how I became convinced of the benefits of water hardening. My eldest son is studying in the city for a profession, he has the opportunity to attend water training.

At the same time, we signed up for classes at the Bubnovsky Medical Center. By the way, what is this center and what are they doing there, read this my article here. Immediately after the pool, he went to train on simulators. He likes both sports and water exercises. And most importantly, both I and my son understood the healing power of such activities..

Previously, he did not even know how to swim, often suffered from colds. Now he lives in a dormitory where flu quarantine is declared. And he had never been sick all fall, although he was in contact with many sick.

Over the weekend, my son came to our house. At this time, we all suffered from SARS, and his virus did not even affect it. And this is despite the fact that the temperature is below zero, and it is from the cold to the pool, and then its wet immediately to the gym to Bubnovsky! That's how the pool hardened his body and strengthened his immunity. Although before this could not have dreamed of, just what, he immediately gets sick.


Swimming has a beneficial effect on the nervous, hematopoietic system, respiratory system. It is useful to engage in water procedures for bronchial asthma, diabetes mellitus, many chronic inflammatory diseases, problems with the spine, to increase immunity, just to raise tone, mood, restore vitality.

Put your child in the pool! Often a sick child is especially necessary. No pharmacy vitamins to enhance immunity will not have such a benefit. Systematic training promotes hardening, forms the correct posture, harmoniously develops muscle corset. Health classes will benefit both women and men and children.

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