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Blue tea from Thailand how to brew and drink properly

main component

Blue tea from Thailand: how to brew and drink properly

What is famous for blue tea from Thailand and what are its beneficial properties. How to make a drink so that it brings the maximum benefit to the body and with which it is better to drink.

In fact, this drink cannot be called tea in the traditional sense, because it does not contain tea tree leaves. The main component of the drink was the flowers and leaves of a Thai orchid - a climbing plant belonging to the family of vines, which is completely covered with small flowers of bluish and purple hues.

In Thailand, a drink made of blue flowers is also called anchanan, and only young buds are used for production, and pickers pick them mostly at dawn..

Interesting! The beautiful azure shade of tea is given by the special substances anthocyanins contained in the buds of Thai orchids. They are a natural dye and do not harm the body..

To determine how high-quality the final product was, the plant is additionally dried and fermented, and then the properties of taste and aroma are checked during tasting.

The beneficial properties of tea are largely due to its rich composition, which includes an extensive range of essential vitamins and minerals. It also has polyphenols and vitamins from group B, supplemented by a number of the most important antioxidants. This is an excellent option for a general strengthening drink that can be drunk as a restorative..

What is blue tea useful for? The benefit and healing effect after the first intake of a healing drink was felt by many fans of herbal drinks. It is ideal for people with various visual impairments because it helps to expand and cleanse the blood vessels of the eyes. This drink is prescribed for glaucoma and cataract as a good restorative agent..

brew drink properly

It helps to speed up the healing of the cardiovascular system, make the vessels more elastic and increase their permeability. It should be taken with Alzheimer's disease, it also helps to calm and relax the nervous system. Among other things, Anchan:

noticeably improves the appearance of hair, skin and nails;

activates the elimination of fat cells and helps get rid of accumulations of excess fat;

improves memory;

prevents aging due to its antioxidant qualities;

cleanses vascular walls of toxins.

Contraindications It is important to note that Thai blue tea has practically no contraindications, it is a natural and very healthy drink, which, however, is not recommended in some situations.

healing drink

Since it has a clear sedative effect, it is not drunk before important meetings, driving a car, and in the morning, when you need to cheer up and tune into a working mood. Some people note intolerance to certain substances in the main component of tea, in which case it is not worth taking.

It is also necessary to remember that Anchan slows down the absorption of iron, therefore, in a number of pathological conditions, it is not recommended to drink it every day.

It is contraindicated in diseases of the kidneys, low blood pressure and anemia, and it is also not worth combining it with other therapeutic teas. The drink will have an optimal effect on the body if taken 1-3 times a week about one hour before meals or an hour after.

We brew blue tea according to the rules. Many fans of tea from Anchana flowers are interested in the question of how to brew this healing drink in order to preserve the restoring properties in it. Leaves cant just be poured with boiling water, because in this case they will lose their unusual aroma.

To make the Anchan really tasty and fragrant, you need to boil water for it, and then cool to 90 degrees. This temperature will help maintain the full benefit of the drink. After preparing the water, it is necessary to fill the dry flowers with hot water, but drain it after a few seconds.

Then the tea is steamed a second time and insisted for no more than five minutes. In the finished tea, you can add lemon juice, honey or cane sugar to favorably shade its taste. Herbs and spices familiar to everyone, such as thyme, mint or ginger, will be an excellent addition to blue tea. In this case, it will gain additional beneficial properties and become a real restorer of health..

Blue tea with the addition of ginger is an excellent tool for weight loss and helps to maintain female beauty. To get rid of extra pounds it is taken for 21 days and then take a break.

I suggest watching another video recipe for preparing medicinal blue tea:

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